Mannuel Ferreira

Hello world, my name is Mannuel Ferreira

I'm a Software Engineer, I teach Front End development at Noroff Fagskole , previously I'd spent my days and some times evenings helping build and maintain a fashion e-commerce store in South Africa .

I enjoy building and designing applications for the web. I love working with web technology JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue Js, PHP, python, Sass, Docker, Kubernetes, Minikube, Linux, Mac OSX, UBUNTU, AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, Netlify, Next.js. I enjoy learning, teaching web development and engineering concepts.


What is Sass and how does it work

Sass stands for Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets. It is a CSS Pre-Processor meaning you are able to write CSS with super powers of functions, variables, loops, mixins and components or partials.

Terminal for productivity

If you are are software developer building websites you most likely are writing backend code, frontend code, configuring databases, servers and are using html, javascript, work with php, node js, .net, ruby, python insert favourite language you are coding.

Git submodules

git submodules are great, they allow you to add another repository to an existing project. So that you can keep your dependencies separate and managed by separate repos.'